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These resources are for parents, parents-to-be, teachers, and other care-givers of children.    Foster and adoptive parents, child care workers, and baby sitters can also benefit from the information in these resources.  1)  “Your Child’s Most Important Teacher” presents academic and life

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These resources are used by students and other children. PARENTING A NEWBORN is a paper based role-playing game (not a computer program) for 7th grade and above homeschool and youth groups, at the parent’s or youth leader’s discretion.  It can be played by

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“Sidescreen Triumphs, The Inside Story”, shows how a late 50’s – early ’60’s Triumph TR2 or TR3 chassis looks using cut open parts, and tells how systems in a car work.  Many parts have been cut open so that you can see

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Fisher Educational Products makes e-books and games to help people make the best choices they can in life.  That’s how this web site got its name. Since many people learn from experience, the role-playing games present  situations and decisions that allow people

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“Your Child’s Most Important Teacher” testimonial

I wish I'd read "You Are Your Child's Most Important Teacher" before I had my first child.

Cecilia G. Mother

“Your Child’s Most Important Teacher” testimonial

This book is absolutely awesome! Thank you for writing this book!

Emma K. Grandmother

“PARENTING an Infant or Toddler” testimonial

My students really liked playing "PARENTING an Infant or Toddler", and they learned a lot, too. I also found that some of my students took leadership roles to help other students play.

Shelly B. Teacher

The site now has free demos of the Classroom Escape exercise and the classroom version of PARENTING! Find information on these products under the "Games" menu at the top of the page!

Check out our parenting e-books, "Your Child's Most Important Teacher" and "Sign Language for Hearing Babies." See more information using the Books tab on the menu, and get them through Amazon! Its never too early to start investing in your child!

Your Child's Most Important Teacher

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