Fisher Educational Products makes e-books and games to help people make the best choices they can in life.  That’s how this web site got its name.

Since many people learn from experience, the role-playing games present  situations and decisions that allow people to experience the situations themselves and see realistic outcomes in a safe environment.  My classroom products can often be tailored by the teacher to better meet the needs of specific classrooms.

My educational e-books share my experiences and the experiences of others (the good and the not so good) so people can consider how they might handle a similar situation before it comes up without warning.

FOR ADULTS –   My parenting e-books allow other people to benefit from my experiences, and more that I have picked up from other people.  Like most parents, I’ve had both victories and ‘learning experiences’ that parents would avoid if they knew to consider that type of situation in advance.  My e-books are “Your Child’s Most Important Teacher” and “Sign Language for Hearing Babies“.  Click on the e-book title for more information.

PARENTING A NEWBORN is a paper-based game (not an app – but I am writing an app version) that let’s players experience a day in the life of a primary caregiver of a baby age 0 – 6 months old.

FOR STUDENTS –   My “Growing Up” products are games that allow school age children the change learn academic information and apply it to practical skills to life-based situations.  Six products are under development for the pre-k through 6th grade under the group name Building Your Skills.  There are four products for grades 7 – 12 under the group name Using your Skills; PARENTING A NEWBORN, INFANT, or TODDLER is available as a hardcopy product and a downloadable version should be available in January 2017.  BUSINESS, COMMINUTY, and FLY the COOP are currently undergoing revision.