I have been a teacher since the 1970’s, teaching computers for the military (where I earned Master Instructor Certification), church classes, and K – 6 grade public school students, and martial arts. I enjoy helping students apply information in practical ways, and having fun with them in the process. Writing books and games is an extension of teaching that allows me to pass what I’ve learned to a greater audience.

For fun I do martial arts (I am a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and still teach every week), I work on cars (sometimes old English Triumphs for fun, other times just to keep the family cars running), and am learning to fly a small quadcopter.

I have learned lot from my wife, Dr. Maria Fisher, a board-certified pediatrician.  While still in her medical training, she created a new class for medical residents.  She has trained nurses, medical students, high school students considering a medical career, children and adult Sunday School, and martial arts, as well as giving lectures for other physicians.

Maria and I have three children. One is out of college and is finishing his teacher certification, one is about to graduate college, and the last one is in high school. Yes, these three are mentioned in many stories in by parenting books.