The Baby Sign Language lecture package equips teachers to teach their students how, when, and why to easily teach a baby sign language.  This lecture is intended for  students who are, or soon may be, baby-sitters, child care workers, future parents, and young parents.

There is a lot of interest in baby sign language, and a lot of information is available.  Unfortunately, there is also misinformation that incorrectly presents teaching methods that contradict proper teaching methods, especially for babies.

Your students will be introduced to what communication is, hindrances to effective communication, what Sign Language is, how to teach a baby useful, age-appropriate signs, baby development as it relates to communication, and more.

The “Sign Language for Hearing Babies” classroom lecture includes slides that can be shown or passed out to your students, notes you can use to create your own lecture or read from directly, and a short quiz.  I include stories of how baby sign language impacted my family, not just the babies.  A narrative is also included that substitute teachers can read from.

The student material comes in both printed and electronic forms for ease of making copies of the students’ slides.  The teacher material is printed, and may be copied and written on to personalize their lecture.  The teacher material is based on my book, also called, “Sign Language for Hearing Babies”, which is based on my experiences teaching Sign Language to my three children from birth.  Of course, my wife (a board certified pediatrician) also signed to them, and helped me understand how a baby’s development is so important in this process.

The generous site license covers one school campus; licenses are not required for each student.

The package costs $ 79.95, plus shipping, and can be ordered directly from Fisher Educational Products.  Tax exempt organizations please include your tax ID information when ordering.  Fisher Educational Products is the sole source provider of this product.