Despite having written two e-books and being 75% finished with a third, plus writing several games and a couple of apps, I am not a writer (and I have never blogged before).  I consider myself more of an educator.  I started teaching my younger siblings to read and write when I was about 10, my Karate instructor had me teaching in his school from about age 16 (I’m still teaching martial arts at 57), and I have taught in public school, church, a medical clinic, and the military.  My teaching style is to make things interesting.  Some people prefer methodical, get-to-the-point teaching, and sometimes that’s a way lay a good foundation, but I like to have fun along the way, and above all, make things practical.  In particular, I like to include relevant stories and learn practical tips from other people.  I like to let people find their own application of the material.  I like trivia as much as the next geek, I mean person, but I see true value in information as how it can be applied to make people’s lives better.

The reason I started off by saying that I am not a writer is because blogging is writing, and I don’t write just to write.  I want it to teach or be fun.  Sometimes I will present a story that I believe is relevant for parents, sometimes I will pass on fun and encouraging pieces I come across, and sometimes I will provide background regarding a story in one of my books.  My blogs usually won’t be about me directly, but they will say something about my interests, way of thinking, and thoughts about how I raised my kids (or about other people and their kids).  And I like to laugh.

I’ll pass on a story that happened yesterday at the martial arts school where my family practices.  A third grader had just earned his new belt, but struggled to put it on properly.  The owner of the school put it on the student, then gave it a good tug to make sure it was on firmly.  Then the owner said, “That’s solid.”  The boy replied, “Well, it wasn’t a liquid.”  I heard about this a few minutes later when the school owner was telling someone that this third grade boy had done a “Brian Fisher joke.”  As a reminder, I’m Brian Fisher:)  I guess I’m at least as smart as a third grader.

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