Sign Language has become a popular high school class, and teaching sign language to babies has also become popular.  Teacher and author Brian Fisher taught his three babies sign language from birth.  After seeing the tremendous benefits, he began teaching seminars on the subject to parents.  He recently put the basics of his lecture into a package for Family and Consumer Science, health, health occupations, and teen parenting teachers.  He has tried to put enough information to be useful to students without overwhelming teachers who may not be familiar with the subject.

For a short time, this package is free to teachers with the hope he will get constructive feedback on the product.  This package is intended to allow a teacher or group leader to give a class on how, why, and when to properly teach a baby to use sign language.

The included presentation takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on what the presenter choses to include, how quickly they talk, and how many questions they accept.  When this version has been finalized, a longer, more complete version will be included for situations when more time on the subject is available in the classroom.  The final package will include both the shorter version (approx. 30 minutes), and the full version (approx. one-and-a-half hours).

The package includes three downloadable files: one pdf file containing the Teacher slides and student handout slides, one Power Point file with the student handout slides (allowing the teacher to print 2 slides per page), and one pdf file with information the presenter can use to determine what information they wish to include in their presentation.

The ability to do a few basic signs is beneficial, but they can be quickly learned, and the presenter can have the students look them up in class as an exercise.

The package will be free to teachers for a few weeks so I can get feedback regarding suggested changes.

NOTE: the text box below the “Purchase” button takes you to the PARENTING role-playing simulation, also available as a free download.  Feel free to try these in your classroom and tell me how it goes.  Thank you.

Baby Sign Language Lecture