One of my books has been on the back burner for several years, but it is relevant during this time of resolutions.  It is called, “Lifestyle Investing” and focuses on health issues.  I am a Cooper Institute certified personal trainer, and have taught health and fitness for over a decade.  In a nutshell, “lifestyle” means long-term habits that a person can control, and includes several things including, but not limited to, what we eat and how much we exercise – two very common resolutions.  “Investing” basically means actions we take today which impact our future.  Since we pass our lifestyle to our children, we impact them as well.  Unfortunately, investing offers no guarantees, but it does improve one’s odds of success.  So, “Lifestyle Investing” means doing things today that will help you be healthier tomorrow.

To do that, you need motivation, help, and knowledge.  Most people benefit from having two motivators – one internal and one external.  The internal one is what you are doing for yourself (why you are trying to make good choices), the external one may be that friend who will push you (as gently as possible) when you can’t quite get going on your own.  The help is people who will help you, like watching your kids while you run or bike around the block, or the crock pot that cooks while you are busy with something else.  The knowledge includes understanding what’s getting in your way and figuring out how to get rid of it or around it.

Much of what you do today (every day is a today), is an investment in your future, and in your child’s.  Is what you are doing now a good investment or a bad one?

Sorry, but you’ll have to wait a while for the other 200 pages of the “Lifestyle Investing” book, but I hope this helps!

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