The school (large group) version of PARENTING is for Family and Consumer Science, Health, Health Occupations, and related classes, grades 7 – 12.  It allows players to experience caring for a baby from birth to 18 months old.  Three age ranges are included: 0 to 6 months old (babies who are totally dependent on a caregiver), babies from 7 – 12 months old (becoming more aware of the world, with limited mobility), and 13 – 18 months old (very curious, very mobile, and very determined).  Each age range is played one at a time, and they can be played any order.  Your class may only play one age range if you wish.

Skills used by the players include simple addition, verbal and written communication, interpersonal skills, following directions, and planning ahead.

The situations are based on those experienced by real parents, and include common questions asked of pediatricians.

PARENTING can be played in less than an hour.  Complete instructions are included, as is a narrative the teacher can read that guides new players through their first two turns which will get the group going.

Click here to play a short demo of PARENTING.

The hardcopy version includes teacher instructions, score sheet masters, playing card masters, and a player booklet master.  It also includes 6 dice, which will be enough for 6 groups of 5 students.  It also includes a notebook with a clear sleeve to hold the master sheets for each section.  Only one unit is needed for your classroom since you will copy the player materials based on the number of students you have.   The price is $79.95 plus shipping.  Mail or e-mail me a purchase order or payment to request a copy.

downloadable file is being considered.  As with the hardcopy version, only one unit will be needed for your entire classroom.

Note: before the students play, the teacher copies the playing cards and cuts them into individual cards, one set of each group of 4 or 5 students.  Since they are re-usable, this is only done once.  The player booklet must also be copied for each group; I recommend you staple the 5 sheets together.  These are also re-usable.  Each student also gets a score sheet, which they will write on, and therefore are not re-usable.

Both versions include a site license for one classroom.  Since this is not software game, individual students or stations do not need their own copy; only one unit needs to be purchased for the entire room.

Fisher Educational Products is the sole supplier of PARENTING a Newborn, Infant, or Toddler.

Please include a tax exempt certificate with your order if that applies.