PARENTING A NEWBORN is a role-playing game for new and expecting parents, baby showers, pre-marriage counselling, and other small group settings.

Players experience situations and decisions faced by people caring for a baby from birth to 6 months old, then see common results of those decisions.  This makes it a perfect compliment to parenting books which provide great information but can’t provide opportunities to experience making parenting decisions and seeing a variety of life-based results.

Situations include feeding, changing, doctor visits, buying baby supplies, trying to find personal time, and dealing with a crying baby.  As in real life, situations don’t always go as planned.  The situations are based on those experienced by real parents, and include common questions asked of pediatricians.

PARENTING can be played in less than an hour.  Complete instructions are included, as is a narrative that guides new players through their first two turns which will get the group going.  Like most board games, it works best with three to five players, but individuals can play, and larger groups can play as two or more smaller groups or as a larger one.

A how-to-play video will be available soon.

The downloadable file includes play instructions, score sheets, playing cards, and a player booklet.  Not included is a die; dice may be purchased locally, borrowed from another game, or simulated using supplied numbers.

Before the group plays for the first time, the score sheets must be copied for each player, the playing cards must be cut out, and I recommend stapling the pages of the player booklet together.  Cutting the cards takes less than 10 minutes with a slide cutter.  The cards are reusable, as is the player booklet.

The price will be $5.95 starting in March.  The download is free through February 18 while I make sure the download works in the real world as it has in testing.  To order the PARENTING a NEWBORN role-playing game download, press the “free-Purchase button below, followed by “Checkout”:

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