This ebook will help people interested in Triumph TR2s and TR3s (even TR4s) understand the basic parts and what they do.  It also has views of parts even people very familiar with them have never seen before.  TR250 and TR6 owners may also find it helpful.

A Sidescreen Triumph is a specific type of car that was made in England decades ago.  Perhaps you’ve heard of Triumph Spitfires, TR6’s, and TR7’s.  Sidescreen TR’s are those cars’ older brothers.

Triumph TR2s and TR3s didn’t have roll up windows, they used plug in side curtains, also called sidescreens, hence the term ‘sidescreen Triumphs’.

Over 80,000 were made in the 1950’s and 1960’s, and many are still on the road today or are in the process of restoration.  Unfortunately, many enthusiasts of these cars don’t understand how they were made, why they were made the way they were, or what their mechanic means when they are recommending work on their car.  Some owners also struggle with what their maintenance manual is trying to show them.  This isn’t a manual, but does show how many assemblies look when put together.

The chassis used in many of the photos takes many parts from these cars, often cut open, and allows readers to see what is going on inside.  For those who attended the Triumph national meet outside Dallas in October, 2016, this is the cutaway chassis many of you saw.

As of July 2018, the project was just over 100 pages long and has over 80 pictures.  My goal is to finish by Christmas 2018..

I am the writer, mechanic, photographer, and graphics person for the project.  My motto is, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Give him a hacksaw and he’ll be busy for years.”  I started the cut-away chassis over 20 years ago, and I am running out of things to cut open.  My blade is getting dull, too.

For people who want the backstory of the project, click here to get the latest stories.

The cut away chassis could use a few parts.  They don’t have to be great, just useable.  My list includes: tachometer bracket and 1 thumbscrew, tachometer cable, 1 set of steering gearbox bearing and race, carburetor jet bearing, linkage between the carbs, exhaust manifold (can be cracked or broken) and other exhaust parts.  Please contact


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