Someone asked why I recommend that parents-to-be read my e-books before their baby comes.  There are two reasons.  An important reason is that babies really do start learning early.  People say that adults underestimate babies and children, but often that statement is not taken seriously.  Like many people, I said it and believed it.  As an educator, I was sure it was true.  Then life hit me.  Twice.  Then I knew it was true.  The first time was when my oldest child was four months old and I realized he understood when I signed, “eat”.  The second time was when my third child was 9 weeks old and my pediatrician wife realized our daughter was signing to us.  Actually, she had three signs by then.  How long had she been trying to communicate to us and we had missed it?  So, yes, they really do start learning early (if properly taught), and we really do underestimate them.  If properly taught, we can learn to underestimate them less often.

The other reason parents should read before baby comes, the more practical reason, is that after the baby comes, most parents don’t have the “free time” that they expected to have.  Babies need feeding, changing, stimulation, and general care, which add up to a lot of time.  Sometimes we just watch then to see what they will do next, or just make sure they are OK.  It is easier to read a book at your own pace if you’re not being distracted.

Once your baby comes, enjoy them and the process of watching them grow.

Here are links to my parenting books:

Sign Language for Hearing Babies, , and

You Are Your Child’s Most Important Teacher,

Until next time,

Happy signing!

Babies really do start learning early!
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